What if President Trump had a Sister Souljah moment and said something like this last week when he visted the wreckage of Kenosha, Wisconsin:

Jacob Blake was not the best-behaved guy in town, and he made a terrible mistake by resisting the police. But he didn’t deserve to be shot seven times in the back. It should never have happened in America — and it happens too often.

As I bet most of you know, there’s no one in America who’s more pro-police than I am.

I’m obviously not in favor of defunding or eliminating the police.

But I am in favor of reforming and improving our police forces and making sure they serve and protect their communities the best way they can.

— We need to dramatically improve how we train our police.
— We need to teach them how to coolly handle tough situations like the one that ignited the violent street riots and burned out the heart of this beautiful all-American town.
— We need to rethink how and when and where we use our police.
— We need to search for smart ways to reduce the number of potentially deadly encounters between heavily armed police and citizens.
— We need to make it easier for police departments to get rid of the very few — very very few — bad apples who give our good policemen and women a bad name.
More than seventeen hundred Americans were killed by police last year. Many of them were very bad people who deserved it.
But many of them — too many — of every color — should never have ended up dead because they committed a petty crime or no crime at all.
People of every color living in our cities and suburbs are against defunding the police  — by a huge majority. A huge majority. So is any sensible American.
No community — no society — can exist for long without law and order and the safety that a respected police force can provide.
Portland is proving that every night. Chicago proves it every weekend.
But to be respected our local police have to be as good as they can be.
That  is why I’m going to use my executive powers to commission the ‘President’s Committee on Police Reform.’
It will be similar to the historic Committee on Civil Rights that President Harry Truman bravely established by executive order in 1946 to fix the shameful state of civil rights in our country.
Truman instructed his civil rights committee to study the oppressive, humiliating and unconstitutional laws that made America a separate and unequal country for 15 million black citizens — in the Jim Crow South and in the North.
The committee recommended a number of ways to make our country start living up to its founding ideals of freedom and equal justice under law.
And ‘Give ’em Hell Harry’ followed through.
He defied the racist Southern Democrats in Congress who protected and perpetuated segregation by issuing executive orders that desegregated the armed forces and the federal workforce.
‘Give ’em Hell Harry’ — he wasn’t so bad. He was tough. He did what was right, not what was politically expedient. That’s why he’s called the first ‘Civil Rights President.’
My bipartisan Committee on Police Reform — let’s call it the Kenosha Committee — will be made up of our best minds in law enforcement.
It will find out what we need to do to fix our police. Smartly. Quickly. Fairly.
And it will help us to give every community in our great country what it deserves and needs — the best policemen and policewomen in the world.”

Or something like that…


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