For all you folks who think Gov. Wolf’s strict strangulation of Western Pa. to fight the Covid-19 ‘pandemic’  is justified and that schools should remain closed to protect the children, please wake up, look at the facts and get a grip.
 Kids rarely catch Covid-19, don’t readily infect others and don’t ever die from it — at least not in PA.
 Say the state data crunchers:
“There are 1,304,739 patients who have tested negative to date. Of the patients who have tested positive to date the age breakdown is as follows:
“1% are ages 0-4;
“1% are ages 5-12;
“Nearly 4% are ages 13-18…”
 So let’s see: 6 percent of positive cases in PA, after nearly five months, are kids under age 18.
Does that justify keeping schools closed? Why? To protect teachers? How many classroom teachers are over age 70?  How many are already so sick with preconditions that they are at risk from C-19? How about if they take a few months off and let younger teachers go back to work?
Meanwhile, do you really think Gov. Wolf’s strict guidelines for restaurants, bars and other businesses are justified? Were they ever?
Despite months of fear spread by Wolf and the context-free local and national Panic Media, the pandemic has yet to arrive in Western Pa.
No one under age 20 has died from Covid-19 in Allegheny County. Only 4 persons under 50 have died.   In five fucking months. Does that sound like a pandemic to you? If so, it’s a very selective pandemic.

Total C-19 deaths by age in Allegheny County:

• Age 20-29: 1 (0%)

• Age 30-39: 1 (0%)

• Age 40-49: 2 (1%)

• Age 50-59: 12 (4%)

By far most of the fatalities (84 percent) in Allegheny County were over age 70 and about 80 percent were in nursing homes. (5,056 of the state’s 7,445 C-19 deaths have been in nursing homes, a percentage so criminally high that even the incompetence of Gov. Cuomo can’t match it.)
Do those incredibly low numbers in Allegheny County still sound to you like a good reason for Gov. Wolf to continue strangling the economic and social life in Western Pa. with his sweeping edicts?
Then you must not know anyone who’s been making their living owning restaurants or bars, working sports or concert venues or supplying those industries with food and drink supplies.
The western end of the state, unlike the Philly area, has been virtually untouched by the pandemic.
No single day in Allegheny County has ever reported more than 8 C-19 deaths. Since mid-May deaths have averaged about 2 per day.
 Yet despite the near non-existence of the pandemic in this half of the state, 2.3 million people in Metro Pgh. continue to be tortured by the petty, arbitrary, nanny-state tyranny of Gov. Wolf and his incompetent health experts.
 Gov. Wolf and his gang should be very proud.
 They’ve destroyed our region’s restaurant sector, crushed the recent resurrection of the city of Pittsburgh and its Downtown nightlife scene, and thrown tens of thousands of people out of work forever — all in the name of defeating a phantom pandemic that has killed virtually no one in Allegheny County under age 40.

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