For the record, this is the email I sent on May 9 to a guy I know who is the editor of a large and powerful East Coast newspaper that shall remain nameless:
I encourage you to turn a few of your reporters loose on the chronic failures of private/public nursing homes/care homes to protect their residents and the concomitant failure of government regulators (state and federal) to inspect the facilities and assure their safety.
For decades seasonal flu has killed tens of thousands in cursing homes and care facilities (including veterans facilities).
When and if the country comes out of its medically/politically induced coma, the biggest scandal of the C-19 crisis will turn out to be centered on nursing homes, where a huge percentage of deaths have occurred (predictably, since that’s where the old and very sick are warehoused).
80 percent of the Pittsburgh region’s relatively small number of C-19 deaths have been in nursing homes, though the specific details, per usual, are slim or non-existent.
Everywhere in the USA, though, it is nursing homes that account for large percentages of deaths.
Maybe their deaths are largely unavoidable, but New York State’s policy of sending infected residents of nursing homes back to their homes was clearly a blunder. Why did Cuomo and crew do that? I dunno. Was it to do with Medicare paying for care instead of the state? I dunno. Did other states do the same? I dunno.
I’m just an out-of-work Uber driver.
We already know how the states of NY, PA and Minnesota have seen thousands of nursing home deaths. Here’s the latest on the g

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