The smart young man — Scott Beyer of — who wrote the smack-on critique of my pal Richard Florida’s new book The New Urban Crisis for Forbes — is coming to Pittsburgh next year.

His visit will be part of his 30-city project to study the incredibly stupid things that have been done by city governments for 100 years to hollow themselves out, drive up rents, segregate housing, destroy private modes of transportation, drive away middle class people and businesses.

I hope I’m still alive when Scott gets here, so I can give him my anti-chamber of commerce tour of Pittsburgh’s many transportation boondoggles, starting with the Tunnel to Nowhere under the Allegheny River but not forgetting the world’s slowest light-rail system (the T) or the Wabash Tunnel.

If the problem is spatial segregation, the main solution is land-use deregulation.|By Big City Sparkplug

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