John McIntire kindly asked me to visit his regular Wednesday/Thursday night talk show on KDKA-AM, the powerful and once important radio voice of Pittsburgh that I grew up listening to religiously.

They used to say when the world ended, everyone in this tawn would turn to KD Radio’s 50,000-watt signal to get the details. Now, not so much.

McIntire was his usual fun-loving and potentially dangerous radio self, which, despite our sometimes wide political differences, I’ve always liked and appreciated in our way-too-boring legacy media world.

The last time I had seen McIntire was our chance encounter in 2007 in Green Tree, when I was tagging along with visiting Pittsburgh native and then libertarian/Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul, who was visiting his boyhood home with an NBC network video crew.

Ron Paul of Dormont High School laughs politely at Gab’s and/or John’s jokes in 2007.            Photos by B.S.


The way my lawyers and I remember it, McIntire’s then-producer comedian Gab Bonesso had alertly spotted Congressman Paul and she and the very dubious McIntire doubled back for a closer look. They talked to Paul and pretended to be in favor of really small government.

On his show Wednesday night John and I talked about my new Ray Sprigle book, my 2013 self-published road book/John Steinbeck expose Dogging Steinbeck and my broadcast brother John’s timeless, insulting and funny sports memoir, Just Watch the Game.

I’d like to dream that riding KD’s high wattage sold me at least 10,000 30 Days a Black Mans across Flyover Country, but I’ll have to wait until all precincts report. Ten sales actually would be nice.

My works of “true nonfiction” are both available on Amazon, and 30 Days also can be had your favorite local bookstore.

But only John’s book is sold at Yinzers, Jimmy Coen’s fabulous black-and-gold palace of Steelers paraphrenalia in Pittsburgh’s funky/organic Strip District.



  1. John Mc on May 5, 2017 at 5:24 pm

    It was good seeing you as well dude.

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