Wednesday night at 9 on Newsradio 1020 KDKA John McIntire will grill me without mercy about any fictions or lies I might have put into my book 30 Days a Black Man.

Actually, he wants to talk with me about star Post-Gazette journalist Ray Sprigle’s daring and important trip into the 1948 Jim Crow South disguised as a black man.

I’m happy to do it, obviously, because my life is now consumed with drumming up publicity, speaking in front of strangers, selling books and continuing my career as an Uber driver. I’ve survived being a guest on a couple of John’s shows in the past, the most memorable of which included the lovely Bianca Jagger, who I think gave me some sort of European air kiss when I met her.

McIntire’s show is on every Wednesday and Thursday night from 8 to 11. I hope its 50,000 watts still send its signal as far as it used to.

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