The governor of Pennsylvania, Tom Wolf, continues to make sure he holds on to his well-earned title of worst governor in state history.
He and his dictatorial health department bureaucrats completely over-reacted to the initial threat of Covid-19, issuing strict statewide shutdown orders and social-distancing decrees when they should have been concentrating their efforts on where the actual risk was — the Philly area and nursing homes.
Gov. Wolf and his health ‘experts’ have done unimaginable harm to the people of the state with their sweeping, one-shutdown-fits-all-counties, Nanny State approach.
They have destroyed hundreds of thousands of jobs and wrecked or killed off thousands of small businesses in Pittsburgh and in dozens of rural counties, about 25 of which have registered zero or 1 Covid-19 deaths.
Now that Gov. Newsom of California has backed off his equally draconian and absurd rules and allowed ‘his’ people to go to the beach and watch sunsets, Gov. Wolf’s only competition for the Worst Performance of the Year by a Governor in a Crisis Award is the insane woman wrecking what’s left of the economy of Maine.
Meanwhile, everything this desperate commissioner of Dauphin County (where the state capital of Harrisburg is located) says about the absurdity of keeping his 268,000 people locked up/locked down a minute longer was as true a month ago as it is now.
Everything Jeff Haste says about Dauphin County’s empty hospital beds and unused ventilators and the arrogant unconstitutionality of Gov. Wolf’s governance is also true for every county outside the Philly metro area.
The data continue to prove how wrong Gov. Wolf’s statewide shutdown was in the first place and that it has gone on far too long.
As of May 10, three Philly counties — Philadelphia, Delaware and Montgomery — account for more than half of the state’s 3,688 deaths.
Two-thirds of the state’s deaths (2,500) have occurred in nursing homes, which is why the median age of the deceased is probably in the high 70s or 80s.
(The state’s Covid-19 data site doesn’t provide that information, perhaps to hide the long-known fact that the coronavirus poses virtually no threat to the lives of anyone under 60; but the site does break down deaths by sex and race.)
In Allegheny County/Pittsburgh, where the pandemic never came and hospitals were virtually unused, 93 of 120 Covid-19 deaths have occurred in nursing homes. In other words, in eight weeks — in a population of 1.3 million — 37 (mostly very elderly) people have died from the virus who did not reside in a nursing home.
The inability of many nursing and care facilities to care for their most vulnerable residents, and the failure of state governments like Pa. and New York to protect our grandmas and grandpas in nursing homes, will turn out to be the biggest scandal of the coronavirus crisis.


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