The people in charge of severely shutdown states across the USA are gradually coming to their senses and carefully reopening their local economies and societies.

But public health ‘experts’ like Dr. Leana Wen don’t like it.
They think it’s still too early in our mismanaged all-out war against the coronavirus to restore people’s basic rights and freedoms.
Many preventable deaths will occur, she says, particularly among the poor.
The Washington Post published Dr. Wen’s piece “Six flaws in the arguments for reopening” (below).
It’s no surprise most Post readers agreed with her, but here is the counter-comment I posted:
It might help Dr. Wen’s perspective-free arguments if she spent a few sentences describing what’s going on in the real world to her west, where the C-19 ‘pandemic’ has largely existed only on TV screens and in the minds of the extremist governors of Pa., Michigan, Calif. and Maine.
She throws out a few token stats to make it seem everyone everywhere in the USA is equally at risk from getting very sick or dying from Covid-19. But that’s simply not true.
If Dr. Wen was actually interested in weighing all the costs and benefits of quickly reopening the country she’d have provided the percentages of who actually gets infected by C-19, who recovers with mild or no symptoms (the vast majority) and the minuscule number who ultimately die.
Whether it’s ravaged places like New York or Philly or relatively untouched states like Alabama or Montana, those who die or get very sick from C-19 look the same.
Except for rare cases, and as predicted, people most hard hit by C-19 are the very old, the already very sick and those with serious preconditions like heart disease, diabetes and obesity.
That’s why so many C-19 deaths have occurred in nursing homes (80 percent of 250 deaths in western Pa./Pittsburgh, pop. 2.5 million, are from nursing homes).
That’s why in Pa., where a third of the state’s 67 rural counties have 1 or zero deaths, two-thirds of 3,700 deaths have been in nursing homes.
That’s why only 5% of Alabama’s roughly 400 deaths have been people with zero preconditions.
Other shutdown states with virtually no pandemic presence in rural counties, including Calif., show similar figures, yet for two months they have been forced to suffer severe economic shutdowns and adhere to idiotic/unscientific social distancing rules.
It’s a tragic health crisis, mishandled bipartisanly by politicians and ‘experts’ like Dr. Wen who ignored the huge economic and social costs of shutting down the economy.
History will show it was the stupidest move the people in charge have ever made.

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