Image may contain: 2 people, textI’ve always used the wild and crazy and fun and reader-pleasing journalism of the New York Post and the smug, serious, boring, good-for-you journalism of the NY Times as the two ends of the newspaper spectrum.
In the interest of maximum reader satisfaction, during my 30-plus career in newspapers — you remember them, don’t you — I leaned heavily toward the Post’s Fleet Street approach and always tried my best to act accordingly at the LA Times, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and the Pittsburgh Trib.
Of course I was accused by the NYT-wannabes at the LAT and the PG of being a “loose cannon,” which I proudly was.
BTW, here’s the NY Times headline for that same murder-decapitation story:

“Owner of a Bar Shot to Death; Suspect is Held”

I rest my case.
Here’s a story about the genius who wrote the Post’s eternally great headline.

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