At the 60-minute mark of this podcast from Dan Proft, a smart radio talk-show guy in Chicago at AM 560 the Answer, I’m interviewed about the failure of our media to question the sky-high projections of U.S. Covid-19 deaths by disease modeler Prof. Neil Ferguson of Imperial College in London.

Bill’s interview with Dan Proft

Ferguson’s worst-case scenario — the absurd prediction that 2.2 million Americans would die — was heavily publicized by the media in the UK and the USA without skepticism and is credited with influencing their governments to shutdown both countries in March to stop the coronavirus’ spread.

Proft kindly plugs my books ‘Dogging Steinbeck’ and ’30 Days a Black Man’ several times. I’m sure the sales figures at Amazon are soaring as I type.

The Salem Network is the same company that employs my brother John here in Pittsburgh on 1250 AM the Answer (5 to 6 pm weekdays).

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